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Location Name: 
Heritage Hall, Delta County Fairgrounds, Hotchkiss, CO
Fri, 11/16/2018 - 9:30am
Location Address: 
403 S. 4th Street, Hotchkiss, CO
Auction Summary: 

This auction will feature antiques, collectibles, western memorabilia, Native American memorabilia, military memorabilia, sports and sporting good memorabilia, relic guns and ammo, jewelry, toys, vintage books, coins and currency and soooo... much more! Keep looking as consignments are posted. For additional information contact: Ken (970) 874-8510 or Matt (970) 640-0123 or email us at

6 Books from 1814-1877, 22 Books on Scenic Colorado Tourist Areas, Box Lot of Vintage Books, Writings of Frederic Remington Book, Book of Fairground Art, 1971 Herter's Outdoor Catalogue, Box of Colorado History Books, Box of Miscellaneous History Books, Box of Vietnam Books, Box Lot of Mechanical Books, 7 Book Volume Limited Edition of Victor Hugo's Works(1800's), 2 Boxes of Books About Antiques & Collectibles, 20 Vehicle Repair Manuals,
2 Partial Filled Lincoln Head Cent Books 1909-1940, Partial Filled Lincoln Head Cent Book 1941 On, Partial Buffalo Nickel Book 1913-1938, Partial Jefferson Nickel Book 1938 On, Large Assortment of Wheat Pennies, 4 Coin Wraps, Frame of Assorted Coins, Sheets of Assorted Coins, Selling as a Set: Bicentennial Constitution Commemorative Coin-Bicentennial Silver Set-Thomas Jefferson 250th Anniversary Silver Commemorative Coin, 15 Sets of 5 Mints Sets From 1960-1999, 23 $1 Silver Certificates, 1934 $5 Red Note, US Antique Indian Head Coins, 1883 Racketeer Nickel Set, Roaring '20's Silver Standing Liberty Quarter, 5 1922 Morgan Silver Dollars,
Assorted Lamps, 2 Vintage Quilt Covers, Box of Mineral Collection, Mexican Christmas Tree, Rain Deere Figurine, Santa Figurine, Vintage Christmas Ornaments, Vintage Glass Ceiling Light, Vintage Soap Dish, Vintage Juicer, 4- 1948 Petty Calendar Girls, Vintage Carpet Iron, Vintage Wildlife Duck Picture, Rare Pool Table Light, 2 Large G. Harvey Prints, Seagrams Peregrin Falcom Advertising Picture, Old Wooden Boxes & Barrels, Vintage Coal Buckets, New Motorcycle Leathers, 5 Collector Horses (2 Beyer-Yellow Mount 1970-1987; 1965 Marx Johnny West Chestnut Thunderbolt; 1973 Lone Ranger Toys-Silver & Scout), 6 Vintage Barbie Dolls, Vintage Meat Grinder, Cedar Wood Clock, 2 Boxes of Collectible Stamps, Coors Commemorative Plate, Vintage Flash Light, Table Top Rockery, Snap-On Stein, Cornwell Flask, Snap-On Wall Clock, Vintage Wall Clock, Miller Beer Sign, Coors 100th Anniversary Beer Sign, Vintage Green Swirl Vase, Box of Foreign Collectible Stamps, Box of US Stamps, 4 Collector Beer Bottles, Large Walnut Slab Clock, 6 Cylinder Records, Old Scrap Book, 2-29 Inch X 59 Inch Mexican Wool Blankets, Vintage Picture of Jesus Christ, Stone Head Sculpture, Guitar, Case W/Rock Collection, Box Lot of Collectible Glassware, Ship Porthole, Pheloniz Miner's Helmet, Pool Cue W/Carrier, Set of 4 Roseville Pieces: (Cornucopia #127-6 Inch, Cornucopia #221-8 Inch, Teasel 88-6 Inch, Window Box #668-8 Inch), Cobalt Pottery Pitcher, Set of Beatle's Ornaments, Red Enamel Roaster, Box Lot of Glassware, Vintage Kerosene Lamp, Hat W/Feathers, Wagner Cast Iron Ware (One Skillet W/Glass Lid), Flat of Weighted Sterling & Assorted Sterling, Box Lot of 6 Silver Plated Goblets, Antique Fireking Porcelain Coffee Pot, 1970's Colorado Division of Wildlife Jeep First Aid Kit, Antique 1950's Stor Gas Can, 1930's Pacific Northwest Coastal Floral Ration Ticket Bag, Antique Del Norte Photo Album, Bag of Old Bank Bag of Antique Marbles, Antique Shaving Mug W/ Razor & Brush, Vintage Kerosene Can, Western Denver Crock(Really Nice), Cast Iron Trivet & Iron Set, 2 Signed Fenton Animal Figurines, Vintage Westinghouse Fan, Assorted Enamelware & Pottery, Indian Maid Tobacco Sack, Vintage Cola Cooler Chest, Assorted Cast Iron Cookware, Stella Guitar, Box Lot of Ribbon, Box Lot of Vintage Table Ware, Vintage Potato Strainer, Box Lot of Vintage Ash Trays, Vintage Trunk, Wooden Box Lot of Christmas Items, Box Lot of Old Bottles, Box Lot of Vintage Dishes, Vintage Bed Pan, 6 Antique Trader Magazines, Blue Enamel Roaster, Box Lot of Kitchen Utensils, Antique Button Holer Sewing Machine, Box Lot of Purses & Backpack, Wooden Nail Barrel, Brass Sand Hour Glass, Silver Friendship Ball, 2 Silver Platters from Hotel Sherman, Antique Tea Set W/ Storage Box, Vintage Nurse Picture, Box Lot of Linens, Box Lot of Baby Blankets, 2 World Globes(1 Free Standing, 1 Table Top), Wooden Box Lot W/ Miner's Helmet & 2 Vintage Hubcaps, Camera Stand, Vintage Wooden Box, Vintage Popcorn Popper, Vintage Polaroid Camera in Case, 4 Ft X 6 Ft 48 Star Flag, Bev Doolittle Framed Print, Cowhide Purse, Crystal Swag Lamp, Kacti Needle Pointer, Kanab Wonderstone, Lotte's Millinery Flower Hat W/ Box, Box W/Contents & Beaded Bag, Princess House Vase, Queen Bee Marking Tool, Snut-a-rette, Stain Glassed Tree Topper, Vintage Wooden Crate, Wool Blanket, Bottle W/Cork, Vintage Metal Suitcase, Old Photo Album, Old Maps Package, Vintage Water Bag, Vintage Doilies, Vintage Sewing Box, Vintage Silverware, Vintage Brush & Comb Set, Vintage Over Night Case, Vintage Slide Projector, Vintage White Picture, 2 Box Lots of Epergne & ll Horns, Box Lot of ER Durkeee Patented April 1877-HJ Heinz June 1891--ColoGW Vintage Food Bottles-Moutarde Diaphani, Charles Ellis-PA, Oil Lamp, Box Lot of Sad Irons-3 Neplus Ultra Coal Iron-Enterprise#2-Ill#9 Electric-Bigo Travel, Tortise Turtle Shell, Frame of Stained Glass, Atwater & Kent Radio Amplifier, Box of Vintage Jars: Nesbitt's-Paonia Swanson's Vinegar- Chlorox- Wine, Box Lot of Vintage Magazines, 5 Celebrity Autographed 8X10 Photos of (Gabe Kaplan of Welcome Home Kotter TV Show, Mark Spitz-7 Time Olympic Gold Medalist, Bob Newhart-Bob Newhart TV Show, Abe Vigod-Fish TV Show, & Roz Kelly- Happy Days TV Show as "Punky Tuskadero"), Lobster Trap from New England, 40+ 45 RPM Record From the Big Band Era, 2 Framed Oil Painting on Canvas (Ducks & Indian Tepee Camp Sight) by Allen Heres "The Starving Artist" from Idaho, He passed away last year., 2 Cowboy Santa Cookie Jars, Horse Cookie Jar, Bronco Blanket, Several Vintage Christmas Ornaments, 6 Christmas Figurines, Bin Lot W/ Holiday Glass Ware,
Cowboy & Western Memorabilia: 
Russell Print, Heiser Saddle, Pair of Rusted Mexican Spurs, Horse Collar & Hames, 2 Livestock Whips, Heiser Head Stall, Pair of Unmarked Spurs, Box Lot of Hobbles, Box Lot W/ Animal Brushes & Hoof Boot, 2 Covered Wagon Stays, 2 Horse Blankets, Christmas Cowboy Boot, 2 Sets of Christmas Bells, 4 Cowboy Belts, 6 Western Women's Coats, Women's Size 8 1/2 Cowboy Boots,
Farm & Ranch Items: 
Hoosier Implement Seat, Sythe,
Vintage Rocking Chair, Antique High Chair, Plant Stand, Oak Roll Top Desk, Display Table, 2 Bronco Seats, 4-Decorative Wood Dining Room Chairs, Puzzle Stand, Vintage School Desk, 27 Inch X 45 Inch X 15 Heavy Livingroom Table, Cromb Kitchen Table, Wood Sewing Machine Cabinet, 4 Lamps W/Glass Tops, Vintage Chair, Vintage Wooden Cabinet 21 In X 19 In X 19 In, 2 Table Antler Lamps, Standing Antler Lamp,

Black Powder Derringer & Flask

Raven Arms .25 Auto W/Pearl Grips, Holster, Clip, Ammo

Stevens Model 987 .22 Rifle

Springfield Model 187J .22 Rifle

Remington 30-06 Rifle W/Scope SN 716617

Winchester Model 62A  .22 Pump Rifle SN 208384

Mossberg .22 Rifel No SN

Eclipse Double Barrel Shotgun Patent Date December 20, 1892 SN 7212

Ben Franklin Air Rifle

Markwell Muzzle Loader Pistol

Mendi Muzzle Loader Pistol

Swedish Mauser Model  955.5  .55 Caliber Rifel Matching Numbers

Savage Model 84C .22 Caliber Rifle W/Scope

Mossberg Model 152K .22 Rifle

Stevens Model 62 .22 Rifle

WWII Pistol Marked Military 9 Shot 7.65 Caliber 1914 Spanish Model Automatic Pistol

Stevens 5x5 Model 5100 12 Gauge Shotgun

Remington Model 742 30-06 Semi Auto SN 7089874

Ruger Model M77 Mark II 22-250 SN 781-52943


Gun Accessories: 
Box of 50 Loaded .32 SWLA, 30-30 & 250-3000 Ammo & Brass, Box Brass 12 Gauge Shells, Heiser Holster, Flat of Shells, Leather Gunbelt W/ Holster, Gunstock, Mauser 24/47 Receiver, Mauser Herstal---Belgigue Receiver, Mauser 98 Receiver-Barrel Model 1000 30-06, Iver Johnson Composite Carbine Stock (Full Carbine), Pre 1964 Winchester Model 70 Stock, Thompson M1-A1 Buttstock,
Propane Smoker, 2 Vintage Sprayers, Hobart Meat Slicer, Baseboard Heater, Wall Cabinet, Wall Mount Trash Can, Vermont Castings Propane Grill, Vermont Castings Intrepid II Wood Stove(Really Nice), Bread Dough Mixer, Assorted Kitchen Utensils, Small Ironing Board, Tan Hamper, Ice Cream Can W/Cover, 2 Vintage Vacuums, Large Pressure Cooker,
Assorted Watches, Assorted Costume Jewelry, New Sterling Navajo Necklaces, Old Pawn Necklace & Rings, Shoshone Carved Bone Necklace, 1960's Kingman Turquoise & Sterling Signed Ring, Montana Silversmiths Belt Buckle, Box Lot of Old Watches, Box Lot of Assorted Jewelry, Turquoise Belt Buckle, Silver & Turquois Bolo Ties,
Set of Speakers in Box, Outdoor Light, Bearcat 350A Scanner, Case W/ 48 CD's, Bag W 7 Pieces of Fabric, 12 Place Mats W Buffalo/Apple/Leaf Designs, 23 Cubic Inch Engery Star Freeze, 13 VHS Westerns & Star Wars, Christmas Tree Stand,
Military Memorabilia: 
Military Storage Box, Military Desk, Custer Framed Photo, Russian Battleship Model, Box Lot of Military Hats, Box Lot Of Military Clothes, Box Lot of Military Pictures, Box Lot W/Screaming Eagle & USA Flag, 1941 US Army Blankets,
Native American Memorabilia: 
Indian Dolls, 31 Inch X 33 Inch Native American Rug, Anisazi Chards & Points, Assorted Points & Chards, Signed Navajo Pottery, Indian Statue, Set of 6 Monte Van Horn Indian Child Prints, Native American Painted on Felt, Native American Painted on Felt Burial Platform, Native American Painted on Felt Mountain Man, Native American Painted on Felt Native American Ruins, Indian Staff, Indian Bowl, Set of Framed Arrowheads, Navajo Black Onyx Signed Althen Latome Bracelet, Navajo Silver Waterfall Silver & Turquoise Necklace, Assorted Texas & New Mexico Arrowheads, Signed Hope "SS" Horsehair Vase, Box Of Colorado & Utah Artifacts, Assorted Pottery Chards, Signed Acoma Wedding Vase, Taos Pueblo Indian Drum, Native American Hanging, Beginning of the Train Sand Painting, Frank Little Navajo Pot, Unmarked Indian Vase,
Railroad Memorabilia: 
Unmarked Railroad Lantern, D&RG Yard Shovel, D & RGW Galvanized Can,
Sporting Goods: 
2 Compound Bow(Indian & Darton), Mule Deer Antlers, Assorted Sports Equipment, Jar of Golf Balls, Wright-McGill Fiber Glass Fly Rod, Recurve Bow, Tackle Box W/Lures, Assorted Knives, 2 Wooden Duck Decoys W/Glass Eyes, Duck Unlimited Duck Call, Flat W/Knife Sharpening Stone & Assorted Knives, 2 Coleman Lanterns, Wright-McGill Casting Rod Dated 1938(Like New), Pair of Snowshoes, 1950's Coleman Single Burner Stove, 1960's Coleman 2 Mantle Lantern, Case & Sons Filet Knife, Rare Penn #285 Reel, Red Wing 58 Inch Hunter Recurve Bow, Presentation 66 Inch Wing Archery Recurve Bow, 7 Sets of Working Binoculars, 10 Vintage Fishing Rods(4 Bamboo), Fishing Rod Tubes, Grip Lock Vintage Tackle Box W Lures, Pheasant in Flight Tapestry Wall Hanging, Heavy Packboard, 3 Wicker Fishing Baskets, Dietz #30 Beacon Lantern,
2-Wood Shapers, 2 New Vises, 2 Used Vises, Set of 4 Rigid Pipe Wrenches, Milwaukee 8 Inch Grinder, Hydraulic Jack, Bench Drill Press, Snap-On Denver Broncos Screwdriver, 1/2 Inch Hammer Drill, Cordless Skill Saw, 18 Inch Walworth Genuine Stilson Pipe Wrench, 24 Inch Pexto Stilson Wrench, Plane, Pocket Plane, Electric Ryobi Saws All, B & D Cordless Drill, Furniture Dolly, Stainless Steel Pickup Tool Box, Aluminum Extension Ladder, 8 Ft Aluminum Step Ladder, Chain Saw Sharpener, 6 Inch Block Plane, 13 Inch Block Plane, Makita 10 Inch Table Saw On Bosch Wheel Stand, Set of Antique Wood Drill Bits(Really Nice), 2 Green Knockout Punches, Vintage Vises, Wooden Box Lot of Vintage Tools, Big Unmarked Tool, 2 Vintage Handsaws, 2 Boxes of Mechanic's Tools, Power Cutoff Saw, Honeywell Heat Giant( Works Well), Vintage Tool Box W/Tools, 2 Vintage Saws, Group of Cast Iron Rasping & Chiseling Tools,
Mantua Sante Fe HO Locomotive, Toy Metal Airplane, Original Tinker Toy Big Boy #155, Child's Wooden Rocking Horse, Set of Child's Dishes, Small Rocking Horse, Large Oak Rocking Mule, Tobagan Sled, Series of Toy Advertising Trucks: (Pepsi Semi Truck, Frito-Lay Truck, Set of Pepsi Collector Trucks), Child's Sled, Box Lot of Vintage Toys, Large Wonder Cube, Porcelain Doll W/Box, Topps Collection of Porcelain Dolls, 5 Kid's Throw Pillows W/Horse Doll, Bag of Assorted Stuffed Toys,
Cash, local approved check, Visa or Master Card(2% office handling fee), All out of the area checks must have a bank letter of credit, no exceptions. All items MUST be paid for on sale day. Nothing is to be removed prior to settlement. OK Auction LLC is an agent for the seller only. All items sold "as is where is" without warranty. OK Auction LLC is not responsible for accident, damage, loss. or theft. Announcements made on sale day take precedence over written material.
Accommodations in the Area: 

Cedaredge Lodge 810 N. Grand Mesa Dr. Cedaredge, CO 81413 Ph 1-800-840-1885 /(970)856-3727 (26 miles to the fairgrounds)

North Fork Motel 92 Hwy 133, Hotchkiss, CO 81419 Ph 1-866-829-8889/(970)872-2137 (1 block from fairgrounds)

The Rocky Mountain Inn, 3rd & Niagra, Paonia, CO 81428 Ph (970)527-3070 (10 miles from fairgrounds)

Hotchkiss Inn Motel 406 Hwy 133, Hotchkiss, CO 81419 Ph 1-800-817-1418/(970)872-2200 (1/4 mile from fairgrounds)

Redwood Arms Motel 65 Hwy 133, Paonia, CO 81428 Ph (970)527-4148 (10 miles from fairgrounds)

Best Western Sundance 903 Main, Delta, CO 81416 Ph (970)874-9781 (21 miles from fairgrouonds)

Bross Hotel Bed & Breakfast 312 Onarga, Paonia, CO 81428 Ph (970) 527-6776 (10 miles from fairgrounds)

Comfort Inn 180 Gunnison River Dr., Delta, CO 81416 Ph (970)874-1000 (21 miles from fairgrounds)

El-D-Rado Motel 702 Main, Delta, CO 81416 Ph (970)874-4493 (21 miles from fairgrounds)

Four Seasons River Inn & RV Park 676 Hwy 50, Delta, CO 81416 Ph (970)874-9659 (21 miles from fairgrounds)

South Gate Inn 2124 S. Main, Delta, CO 81416 Ph 1-800-621-2271 (970)874-9726 (21 miles from fairgrounds)

Westways Court Motel 1030 Main, Delta, CO 81416 Ph (970)874-4415

Riverwood Inn & RV Park 677 Hwy 50, Delta, CO 81416 Ph (970)874-5787

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